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Space City Build Your Empire is a short building game set on an alien planet. Your goal is to extract the resources necessary to fuel your ship and leave. Expand your production, build new technologies, and beware of thieves! How to Play Refine oil, collect barrels of oil from the refinery to start building your base. Oil is used for building and upgrading most structures, along with the stone. You can buy astronauts on treadmills to improve the output of your oil refinery. Extract new materials Later in the game, youll need to produce iron to buy certain buildings. Explore the map to find the iron mine and all the other options available. You can build a greenhouse, magma mine, military base, and upgrade various structures for better production. Deliver resources to your spaceship Eventually, you can build a production line directly to your spaceship that automates the delivery of most resources. Once your ship is topped up with all the required items, you can leave the planet! Game Tips New inventions are relatively inexpensive and greatly improve the output of your productions Build a military base as early as you can to slow down the thieves.