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We have prepared a real gift for everyone who loves classic solitaire. The next time you go crazy with boredom on a plane or train, standing in line or waiting for a doctor's appointment, solitaire will help you pass the time. Simple card games will help your brain wake up in the morning or relax before going to bed. To play solitaire, the cards are of all 4 suits: hearts, spades, diamonds and crosses must be moved to the bases, placing them in suits and at par from ace to king. For example, ace, 2, 3, and so on. Cards can also be moved between columns, stacked in descending order, and alternate red and black suits. Only the king can be placed in a free column. You can move the entire deck of cards by dragging it to another column. 2. Instructions To do this, use a tap on the screen on your mobile phone or the left mouse button on your computer