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The Royal Game of Ur is a race-themed board game for two players. This game originated over 4600 years ago in the city of Ur in ancient Mesopotamia! The objective is to move all your pieces across the board and off it before your opponent does. Players take turns rolling four tetrahedral dice. As many dice in the upper part of the tetrahedron have a white vertex on as many fields, the player moves any of his pieces for which this move is available. If a piece lands on a space occupied by another of their pieces, the move is invalid. If it lands on an opponent's piece, that piece is knocked off the board and returns to the opponent's starting position. If a chip hits one of the four Re-play plays on a player's lane, he rolls the dice again and takes a turn. If the chip lands on the Immunity field on a neutral lane, he rolls the dice again and takes a turn. The opponent cannot remove a chip from this field. If all tips are black, the turn is skipped. To move a piece off the board, a roll must exceed the remaining spaces by 1. For example, if a chip is on the last field, then you can remove it if the dice roll is 1. Play a version of The Royal Game of Ur. To roll the dice, click on their image at the bottom of the screen. Feel the spirit of competition, the tension of the game, and the multiple challenges. Good luck!