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"Nubik Car" is an addictive arcade game that will give you unforgettable driving moments and the thrill of performing the most daring stunts. In this game, you will become a real racer and take control of Noob in a car, overcoming various obstacles and performing cool stunts and collecting coins to buy the next levels. The main goal of the game is to successfully overcome all levels, testing your driving skills and ingenuity. You have to cope with incredible obstacles, including high jumps, huge rings, dangerous cliffs and other difficulties on the track. You will have to show your ability to drive a car to avoid accidents and reach the finish line. How to play To play Noob Car: Cool Stunts, you will need to press C, F, S, V and Space on the keyboard to control the car. And a computer mouse to select levels, pause menu or reload a level. The main character in his car can get stuck doing a trick to go through again, you need to restart the level with a computer mouse and the restart button. PC: C - Forward. F - Left. Y - Back. B - Right. Spacebar - Brake.