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Play an exciting car drifting game! Complete the levels and become the king of drift. Unique gameplay and powerful cars are waiting for you! Immerse yourself in the world of drifting with a variety of tracks and tasks. An exciting car simulator in which players can immerse themselves in the world of exciting drifting on 3D tracks. Choose your machine from a varied selection Players can choose from a variety of cars with unique characteristics. Each car has its own style, which adds depth to the gameplay. Play on colorful tracks specially designed for drifting. Different locations provide unique challenges Complete challenging levels where each one requires you to improve your drifting skills. Provides an exciting combination of realism of car control and exhilarating moments of drifting, making the game an unforgettable experience for all car simulator fans. Control: Your car moves automatically in the direction of your cursor. Your task is to masterfully control the drift to score points. Movement: The mouse cursor indicates the direction in which the vehicle is moving. Drift Left: Click the left mouse button to initiate a drift left. Drift Right: Click the right mouse button to drift right in style. Points and Levels: Points: You earn points for how long you drift and how you drift. The longer and more spectacular the drift, the more points you get. Passing levels: To move to the next level you need to reach a given number of points. The levels become increasingly difficult, requiring you to improve your drifting skills. Advie: Experiment with different drift angles to maximize your scores. Don't forget to keep track of the remaining points to successfully complete the level. Master the balance between drift duration and accuracy.