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Become a virtual entrepreneur and immerse yourself in the exciting world of the game, where your success depends only on you! In the game "Businessman" you will realize your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Start your journey close to home as a Level 1 Businessman. A tempting offer awaits you: you have 100 coins, a car with a full tank of fuel and a license to deliver bread. Follow the clue of the red marker, which will lead you to the bakery, where you can buy bread and start delivering it to the bakeries. Capitalize your business by actively delivering bread. To buy or sell a product, drive up to the appropriate buildings, such as a bakery, a meat processing plant, a bakery, a shop, a cafe, or a gas station. Use the mouse to face the building, and it will be surrounded by a light border. Press the "Y" key to interact with the building, specify the required values and confirm the deal. As you reach 500 coins, you will be promoted to Businessman Level 2. This will open up new opportunities for you: you can purchase a meat delivery license for 100 coins and a license to hire a worker to help you deliver bread. Your worker will bring additional income, taking into account his wages and the cost of fuel for his car. Upon reaching 1000 coins and the status of a Businessman of the 2nd level, you will receive the title of a Businessman of the 3rd level. Now you will be able to purchase a license to hire another meat delivery worker for 200 coins, as well as a license to purchase a cafe for 200 coins. Cafes will become a source of additional income. Your vehicle will occasionally receive delivery orders from stores. If you can complete the order within the specified time interval displayed on the scoreboard, your income will be doubled. You will be shown the location of the store that sent the order using a red marker. Follow him to complete the order successfully. During the game, various messages will be sent to the terminal of your car on the top of the screen. Pay attention to them, they may contain important information for your business. Be careful on the road! Speeding will result in fines. If you get fined by a patrol for speeding, you will have to pay 10 coins. If you exceed the speed limit more than 5 times, the penalty will increase to 20 coins. In case of an accident, don't worry, call technical assistance by pressing the Escape key. This service will cost you 50 coins, but your tank will be full. Do not forget about refueling at the fuel station. After all, without fuel, your business will not move forward! Remember that your cars will eventually require repairs. Repairs will depend on the extent of the damage and will be billed to you at the terminal. Be prepared for such situations and manage your funds accordingly. However, be careful: if you do not have enough funds to pay all the bills, you risk going bankrupt and that will be the end of your game. To return to the menu or save your current progress, drive up to your house when it is surrounded by a luminous border - press the "Y" key. We wish you good luck in developing your business and conquering the business world! Control keys: C - Forward Y - Back F - Right B - Left U - Interaction Spacebar - Brake Esc - Call for technical assistance.